Details from catwalk: Givenchy Haute Couture P/E 2009

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Password: delicate rigours. The dreaming and ethereal allure proposes by Givenchy for the haute couture parisienne catwalks -an answer of escape and optimism from the economic global crisis- finds a successful interpretation in the shoes choosen for the defilè by the artistic director Riccardo Tisci.

Devoid of frills and with a light structure, the Givenchy creations get rid of plateau by now overused by everybody and give up any artistic distortion of the heels, presenting creations that leave throught and throught the foot free, like the sandal with the ankle strap and a single list on top of the fingers or the iridescent ankle boot peep toe, structure as a dressing on a dancer’s foot, but nevertheless quite graceful to throw the leg.

Interesting the ankle ultrarustle version with an assimetric cut in front, that remember the shoe of a desert’s adventuress. Coulours goes from metallic tones of the silver-plated or worked in pastel tones of beige, yellow, pale pink leather.

 Givenchy Shoes SS 2009

Details from catwalk: Dior Haute Couture P/E 2009

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While waiting for the collections that probably, even if it isn’t guaranteed, will be more within range of ours pockets and tastes, here is an unfogettable detail from Haute Couture catwalk, that in this days lavish themself in painting a  luxury world rather daring, in the present climate…

Surely we didn’t expect any austerity from John Galliano, is wellknown his contempt for any form of minimal. And as a matter of fact from Dior parade emerge this sculpture-shoes so rich of volutes, nooses, rises and shiny colours and not at all undaunted from economic recession, but in fact bearer of big optimism…

Dior Haute Couture

Dior Haute Couture

Sergio Rossi multistrap

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The last times tendence imposes always larger lists, exaggerated heights and models always more wrapping. Sergio Rossi points out the cues and re-edits them with hisown elegance, presenting a multistrap model, with thinand woven lists that embrace the foot and underline its natural curve..

The heel is dizzy and the heel is close, only element that bring near the shoe to the so on vogue sandal boot: the anterior side, instead, keeps intact the characteristics of the real sandal, but disowning any aspiration to the nude look….

Sergio Rossi

Sergio Rossi

When even Loboutin has no so clear idea..

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As far as fringe boots, the suede and full-of-fringe high boots a little in Giglio Tigrato style, a little rodeo-effect, we have seen done and rare… In the inexpressible bazar create in this months of innumerable variations on theme, there was miss only this creation from Christian Loboutin, who, probably to justify with an original classification a piece already seen and revised, puts up for sale the “open boot wuth fringes”…..

It’s, in real, of a peep toe dècolletè in flesh-tone suede with platform and triple round of long fringes starting from the ankle…. So a model that isn’t meat neither fish, probably really uncomfortable (how could the unstructured bootleg be lace up??) and also a little ungainly… let’s admit it!!!

The episode doesn’t put nothing away from Loboutin’s greatness, but we asked if really anyone will feel the missing of this model, that praise on top of that a worthy of respect price: who will fall in love for it (we know, love is blind as well as crazy) has to devolve to the Loboutin maison the moderate price of 1.795 $…..

Pre-fall: Alberta Ferretti’s ankle boot

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The ankle boots resist… Here we have the suggestion on theme from Alberta Ferretti. Unusual the choice of a shoe so massive on contrast with the mood usually romantic and graceful of the fashion designer, that entrusts herself to soft and clean cuts and to gossamer-like and light materials.

Here the contrast between the femininity of the so high heel and the charming as useless ankle wristband is in rhythm even from the double texture -velvet suede and shiny coconut peel- and from the futuristic design that remenber a Balenciaga…

Alberta Ferretti

Fendi is also this…..

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What do you think about this sandals made of satin silver with flat ribbon and oblique band of strass to embrace and embellish the foot?

They’re not exacly shoes for everyday life, and with the filing of the most adapt holydays to show off such as jewel it becomes easier to restist to the temptation to posses them without occasion to wear them (and the 730 dollars asked to have them)

Delicate but with a big persomality at the same time, it’s a sandal that can make a lot of heads turn, even ignoring systematically all those details (platform, buckles, wrapping bands) that at the moment that seem to be in, often with good peace for elegance…


Princess sandals for Marciano

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Already the name of these shoes evokes character from princely, although contemporary, families: they’re called Caroleen and it’s hard don’t think about Carolina di Monaco. But the sandals signed by Marciano surpass the concept of nobility and offer themself to all the women that feel princess inside…

Made of violet suede with feathers and crystals (but available even in black), embellish the foot that wear them like a jewel and although usually Guess doesn’t propose shoes that is worth to rember, we can assert in this case that it’s an happy exception..!!!!


Marciano Caroleen

Giorgio Armani purple T bar

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If violet is the colour of the year, the accessories can’t do anything but conform. Moreover the promise of violet is to keep unchanged its chromatic predominance even for the next season, declined in pastel tonalities in place of more deep and introspective winter nuance.

Armani choose it for sandals, but in lavender tonality, joining with suede the zigrino’s leather. So snappy the wiggly shape that wrap up the heel and accompany all the shoe’s border, finishing after on the wristband that create the T bar and unite with the anterior list… A sandal like this maybe deserved an heel a little more high… Don’t you think so?


Lanvin’s sneakers

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It’s not easy to associate a pair of sneakers with Lanvin, for who is used to identify the griffe with evening dress and rustle silk.. And anyway we maybe would image it differently from how the french maison propose them..

The choose of powder pink satin and grosgrain ribbon raises a little the fate of the so banal model, but it’s not the same for the black paint version, more openly masculine and more similar with the models already seen on men’s catwalk of the last seasons.

Nothing that could justify the price (395 dollars the price on Net-à-Porter) but surely the rainy season doesn’t help to see it under the right light…. Who knows if we will reappraise with the arrive of the spring…..

Sneakers Lanvin

Sneakers Lanvin

Ferragamo retrò style

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May Nicole Kidman could wear this shoes in her new film Australia, in a perfect combination with the retrò style of her character in the film just arrived in the cinema. They’re sophisticated and elegant in their extreme simplicity.. And they’re called Manuela.

They recover the most traditional combination of black and white- but they’re available also in total black- and decline it in a guess mix of shiny paint and dull leather. The front opening and the small flat bow complete with a diversionary the one that instead would be a more than classic dècolletè. They’re signed by Ferragamo, a guarantee of quality and style out of time…..

Manuela Ferragamo

Manuela Ferragamo